“What’s an Operator”
If you don’t know this, then you are probably looking for the observers’ page.  Otherwise you should get to know the  excellent SOAR telescope operators and observer support personnel.  They are your best resource while observing.  These pages contain information to make their lives easier.

Observer Support:   Daniel Maturana
                                Patricio Ugarte

Assistant Observers:     Alberto Pasten
                                       Sergio Pizzaro
This printable card summarizes the main instrument properties like plate scale, resolving power, and detector modes.
This document describes the steps usually completed by operators before a Goodman Spectrograph run.
Changing Slits, Filters, Gratings
Three documents that detail how to change components in the instrument.
User's Manual
This set of document links will take you through the things you need to know to operate the instrument.