“I don’t know where to start!”
Be of calm mind.  You have found the right place.  If you have never done any spectroscopy before, you should probably read the IRAF manuals available here.  We are  working on another  document that might help, but it is still under construction.

Some good career advice is available here.
What if I know what I’m doing?
If you already know what you’re doing, and just want a quick summary of the basic spectrograph properties, we have made a “Quick Guide for Observers”.  This document is handy for printing, and will impress your friends.  

If you are preparing for a run, you might want to print out one or more Goodman Log sheets.
What if it doesn’t work as expected?
The most common problems generate red lights on the instrument panel, and are usually caused by a motor.  Help debugging these is available here.  Other problems may be listed in the relevant manual page at the right or on the engineering page.
This printable card summarizes the main instrument properties like plate scale, resolving power, and detector modes.
This document describes the physical layout of the spectrograph and is useful for understanding and diagnosing the instrument.
This document describes the color-coded instrument panel and its primary features.
User's Manual
This set of document links will take you through the things you need to know to operate the instrument.