Terms of Use
The information on these pages is the property of the UNC Goodman Laboratory, which makes it available for observers at the SOAR telescope and anyone else who is interested.
Users of these pages agree not to republish this material without permission of the Goodman Laboratory, which assumes no liability for any errors or omissions that may be found herein.
Documentation for the Goodman Spectrograph is an ongoing effort which is best served by constructive participation by all the instrument users.  Please report an errors you find on these pages to the webmaster.  Thank  you for your help.
The spectrograph and these pages would not have been possible without the help of many people, listed below in no particular order:

Harland Epps          who designed the optics
Adam Crain             who  built the software control system
Antonio Kanaan      who provided concept study assistance
Luciano Fraga         who is measuring the response and many other useful tasks
Sean Points             who has written documentation and debugged problems
Steve Heathcote     who provides support in every way
Brad Barlow and Bart Dunlap    who use and improve the spectrograph

And especially The UNC Machine Shop

Phil Thompson
Cliff Tysor
Steve Medlin
Neal Johnson